Delegated Committee of Council Meeting


To be held in the

Council Chamber

Nunawading Civic Centre

379 Whitehorse Road Nunawading


Monday 10 May 2021

at 7:00pm

Members:         Cr Andrew Munroe (Mayor), Cr Blair Barker, Cr Raylene Carr (Deputy Mayor),

                            Cr Prue Cutts, Cr Andrew Davenport, Cr Mark Lane, Cr Tina Liu,

                            Cr Amanda McNeill, Cr Denise Massoud, Cr Trudy Skilbeck, Cr Ben Stennett

Mr Simon McMillan

Chief Executive Officer


Recording of Meeting and Disclaimer

Please note every Delegated Committee of Council Meeting (other than items deemed confidential under section 3 (1) of the Local Government Act 2020) is being recorded and streamed live on Whitehorse City Council’s website in accordance with Council's Live Streaming and Recording of Meetings Policy. A copy of the policy can also be viewed on Council’s website.

The recording will be archived and made publicly available on Council's website within 48 hours after the meeting on for a period of three years (or as otherwise agreed to by Council).

Live streaming allows everyone to watch and listen to the meeting in real time, giving you greater access to Council debate and decision making and encouraging openness and transparency.

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Opinions expressed or statements made by individual persons during a meeting are not the opinions or statements of Whitehorse City Council. Council therefore accepts no liability for any defamatory remarks that are made during a meeting.


Whitehorse City Council

Delegated Committee of Council Meeting                                                        10 May 2021







To enhance the consultative process and facilitate public participation and involvement of the municipal community in Council decision making in accordance with the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) and Council’s Governance Rules.


To facilitate public participation and involvement in meetings of the Delegated Committee (Committee). These Guidelines complement Council’s Governance Rules.


The public has two opportunities to participate in a Committee meeting - either by a submission which may be heard at the start of the meeting, ie Public Submissions (refer below) and by Public Comment later in the meeting. There is no public interjection during the meeting and speakers are heard in an orderly manner. 

Public Submissions:

A submission may be made on any matter, providing it is not in contravention of Council’s Governance Rules.

A maximum of 10 speakers will be permitted to make a submission and they will be determined in order of registration.

No individual submission shall exceed three minutes (ie each speaker has 3 minutes in total, not 3 minutes per topic).

Where submissions have already been made under the provisions of any statutory process, further submissions shall not be heard, unless the matter is listed as an item of business on the Committee agenda.

Procedures for Public Submissions:

Persons wishing to make a submission to the Committee on matters other than land planning matters must directly notify the Civic Services Department by 4pm on the day of the meeting and register to speak, by telephoning 9262-6338. The person who registers to speak shall be the person who will make the submission to the Committee.

Persons wishing to make a submission to the Committee on any land use planning matter must directly notify the Civic Services Department, at least five working days prior to the day of the meeting and register to speak by telephoning 9262-6338. The person who registers to speak, shall be the person who will make the submission to the Committee.

Submissions may also be registered online. An online registration form must be completed and submitted, with registrations determined in order of receipt. Online public submission registration is to be made via Council’s website (type Public Submissions Registration in the website search function); alternatively access is available via the following link




An online submission on any land use planning matter must be completed by 4.00pm at least five working days prior to the Committee meeting.

An online submission for matters other than land planning matters must be received by 4.00pm on the day of the meeting.

At the time of registering to speak, that person must indicate whether he or she will be speaking in support of or opposition to any planning permit application or Planning Scheme Amendment (or proposed planning permit application or proposed Planning Scheme Amendment). The Committee must not listen to or read anything said by that person unless it is satisfied that, at least four working days before the day of the Committee Meeting, a member of Council staff has contacted the person(s) whose interests are contrary to the person who has registered to speak (eg has contacted the planning permit applicant if the person who has registered to speak has indicated that he or she will speak in opposition to the grant of a planning permit application) and invited the first-mentioned person (or a person authorised by him or her) to also register by 4pm on the day of the meeting to attend the Committee Meeting and speak.

Persons wishing to table written material must provide 15 copies to the Committee Clerk prior to the commencement of the meeting to enable distribution to Councillors prior to the start of the meeting. No material will be distributed during the meeting by any person, including Council staff.

Requests to speak will be registered strictly in the order of receipt.

In instances where a number of persons wish to address the Committee on the same matter, the Chairperson at his or her discretion may request they nominate a speaker/speakers to represent them.

In accordance with Council’s Governance Rules, it is not necessary for Standing Orders to be suspended to allow a person to address the Committee, subject to compliance with these Guidelines.

Public Comment:

After the ‘Other Business’ Section of the meeting has concluded, the Mayor will invite members of the gallery to indicate by show of hands if they wish to make a comment. Only matters pertaining to this evening’s meeting are to be commented on, (ie. a Council Officer report or presentation, and any “Other Business” matters) and a 3 minute period per speaker applies. A maximum period of 15 minutes shall be provided for public comment. The Mayor will call individuals forward to be heard and they should begin by clearly stating their name. This is a period for comment, not questions or debate and there is no opportunity for any further Public Submissions.


These guidelines were adopted by resolution of Council dated 24 August 2020 and may be further amended by resolution of Council from time to time. The Chairperson at his or her discretion may vary procedures under these Guidelines, at any meeting of the Committee.

A Delegated Committee is a committee established by the Council under section 63 of the Act. Under the Act, the formation of, appointment to, and administration of delegated committees is highly controlled given their ability to exercise statutory functions and powers on behalf of the Council.

A Delegated Committee exercises the powers, duties or functions of Council. Therefore, the Committee is subject to the same Governance Rules as Council (section 60 of the Act). A resolution of a Delegated Committee holds the same weight as a resolution of Council - provided it falls within the delegated powers of the Committee.

In accordance with the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020 – Amendment of Local Government Act 2020 our Council meetings remain open to the public via Live stream only, please do not attend in person.  Meetings can be viewed via Council’s live stream platform

Members of the public are invited to register a submission on any issue or matter that they would like to present to Council at


Whitehorse City Council

Delegated Committee of Council Meeting                                                        10 May 2021


1            PRAYER


1a           Prayer for Council


We give thanks, O God, for the Men and Women of the past whose generous devotion to the common good has been the making of our City.


Grant that our own generation may build worthily on the foundations they have laid.


Direct our minds that all we plan and determine, is for the wellbeing of our City.





1b           Aboriginal Reconciliation Statement


“Whitehorse City Council acknowledges the Wurundjeri and all peoples of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the land. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging”



Cr Davenport has previously sought and been granted leave of absence for tonight’s Delegated Committee of Council meeting 10 May 2021.




Minutes of the Delegated Committee of Council Meeting 12 April 2021.


That the minutes of the Delegated Committee of Council Meeting 12 April 2021 having been circulated now be confirmed.




5            Public Submissions

Interested parties who wish to submit to the Delegated Committee of Council during under the Public Submissions section of the Delegated Committee Meeting must register online at by 4pm on the day of the meeting. 

Persons wishing to make a submission to the Delegated Committee on any land use planning matter must register online by 4:00pm, at least five working days prior to the day of the meeting.

In completing the online public submission form a member of Council staff will inform you whether your registration was successful and the submission will then be read out at the meeting.

The submission, name and suburb will then form part of the Delegated Committee of Council minutes and become part of a permanent record of the Council

5.1     General Submissions (Other Speakers who have registered an online written submission, will have their submission read out at the meeting up to 3 minutes per submitter)



Whitehorse City Council

Delegated Committee of Council Meeting                                                        10 May 2021


6            reports from officers

6.1         Human Services  

6.1.1      Whitehorse Youth Representative Committee (WYRC) 2019 and 2020 Annual Report



Introduction:    Tony Johnson, Acting General Manager Human Services

Presenters:      Frank Perrone, Youth Services Team Leader

                        Jacqueline Piper, Youth Participation Officer

Whitehorse Youth Committee Representatives

·    Natasha Mulay

·    Alan Wang

·    Alan Wu

·    Ananya Sundar






Whitehorse City Council

Delegated Committee of Council Meeting                                                                                  10 May 2021


6.1.1      Whitehorse Youth Representative Committee (WYRC) 2019 and 2020 Annual Report




The Whitehorse Youth Representative Committee plays an important role in representing the interests of young people in the municipality. This report provides a summary of the outcomes and achievements of the 2019 and 2020 Whitehorse Youth Representative Committee.



That Council acknowledge the work of the 2019 and 2020 Whitehorse Youth Representative Committees and endorse the Committee’s initial action plan for 2021.



The Whitehorse Youth Representative Committee (WYRC) was established in 2002 to provide a formal link between young people and Whitehorse City Council. The key objectives of the Committee are to develop a positive profile of young people in the community, consult with the broader youth population, report to Council on the aspirations of young people and to assist in the creation of new opportunities for young people to be involved in their community.

There are a number of important benefits for young people to be involved in the WYRC. These include a greater understanding of local government, the development of leadership and project management skills and a greater connection with their local community.

WYRC representatives are selected through a nomination process that is promoted to schools, youth service providers, clubs via various promotional strategies. Due consideration is given to the selection process to ensure a diversity of gender, age, background and life experiences of young people. If deemed appropriate young people can remain on the Committee for a maximum 2 year period.


2019 and 2020 Committee report

The WYRC normally report to Council each year on their previous year’s achievements. However, due to COVID19 restrictions imposed in 2020, there was no report last year to Council on the 2019 WYRC. Hence, this report covers the achievements of the 2019 and 2020 WYRC. 

The WYRC consisted of 12 young people in 2019 and 11 young people in 2020 who delivered a diverse range of activities, events and projects. The Committees was coordinated by Council’s Youth Participation Officer and supported by Council’s School Focused Youth Services Officer.


The WYRC events and activities in 2019 and 2020 included the following:


Induction and training

•      WYRC members were inducted into both committees in 2019 and 2020 and made aware of Whitehorse City Council and relevant policies / processes. WYRC members also had the opportunity to meet the Mayors (Mayor Bill Bennett in 2019 and Mayor Sharon Ellis in 2020) and toured the Council Chambers.

•      Committee members completed training covering leadership, marketing, promotion, event management, communication and community engagement strategies.

•      First Aid training to develop skills in the case of injuries, accident or an emergency

•      SYN (Student Youth Network) Radio Station training at RMIT: Both the 2019 and 2020 committees completed basic radio broadcasting training to provide insight into the use of media for promotion and marketing purposes. 

 Events and activities:

•      Young Person of the Month Award: The WYRC reviewed and endorsed the young people nominated for the award recognising and celebrating the efforts and achievements of young people in Whitehorse.

•      Consultation: The 2019 committee were consulted by the Butterfly Foundation in regard to the issue of body image to assist with the organisation’s planning in engaging and working with young people. 

•      Whitehorse News Youth articles:  WYRC members undertook the role of writing articles for Council’s publication Whitehorse News which included stories on the following issues: body image, mental health, safety and the Youth Forum. 

•      ‘Shining the Light’ Youth Forum: In 2019 the WYRC organised and facilitated the Municipal Youth Forum at the Box Hill Town Hall for secondary school students covering the issues of mental health, healthy lifestyles, relationships, safety, body image, career and employment. These issues are identified in Council’s Youth Plan 2014 - 2018 as impacting on the wellbeing of young people in the community.

The forum included a keynote address on body image by the Butterfly Foundation and workshops on healthy relationships (Relationships Victoria), drugs and alcohol (Youth Support and Advocacy Service), community safety (Victoria Police), career and employment (Box Hill Institute) and mental health (Headspace) A number of youth service providers were present at the forum to provide young people with information and resources on youth services and supports.

       As well as the Youth Forum, the WYRC facilitated a workshop targeting the young people aged 18-25. The workshop was conducted at the Box Hill Institute and covered the issue of mental health with a workshop facilitated by Headspace. The session was facilitated to accommodate the needs of young people who had transitioned from secondary school.

•      ‘Connect-A-Con’ Youth Forum: Due to Covid restrictions the 2020 WYRC were unable to deliver a ‘face to face’ forum as in previous years. Instead, the WYRC held a virtual forum focusing on the issues of mental health, international students, healthy relationships, career and employment pathways. The virtual forum was a panel style format with a number of organisations involved: The Black Dog, Headspace, Relationships Victoria, Deakin University and the Centre of International Students. The virtual forum provided young people with an insight on relevant youth issues from professionals in the sector.  The forum was also available afterwards online to allow the opportunity for greater number of young people to be made aware of the issues discussed.

•      Whitehorse Community Walk: The 2019 WYRC assisted Council Community Development with the planning and facilitation of the event at the Blackburn Lake to raise community awareness in regard to mental health and suicide prevention.  

•      IDAHOBBIT Day (International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia: The event was held in the Box Hill Mall with WYRC assisting community agencies and Council Youth Services with a range of activities to promote awareness and support of the LGBTIQA+ community.

•      Spring Festival: In 2019 the WYRC planned and facilitated the ‘youth area’ and youth art market at Whitehorse City Council’s annual Spring Festival. This featured a range of ‘youth friendly’ activities (juice bikes, 3D drawing) and incorporated the ‘youth stage’ that was facilitated by the FReeZA Youth Committee. The youth market provided the opportunity for young artists to promote and sell their creative work.

•      Youth Conference: In 2019 WYRC members attended the annual Halogen Foundation Youth Leadership Conference to develop a greater understanding of issues impacting on young people and to foster resilience and develop strong leadership values.

 •     Animal assisted therapy at Youth ConneXions (Council’s Youth Drop In Centre): The WYRC recommended the introduction of a therapy dog at Youth ConneXions based upon the physical and mental health benefits for young people. The WYRC sourced a donation of $700 from the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central to ensure the proposal came to fruition. 

•      ‘Our Say’ Community Covid Survey: The 2020 WYRC developed a comprehensive survey for young people, parents and youth service professionals to determine the impact of Covid on young people. Despite extensive promotion in the community, the survey was not overly well received (online fatigue contributed to this). However, survey  results highlighted the negative impact of Covid on young people and assisted Youth Services to best support young people during and post the pandemic.

For further information on the events, initiatives and activities undertaken by the WYRC please refer to the WYRC 2019 and 2020 Annual Report (attached to this report).


Recruitment for the 2021 WYRC has been successful with 12 members appointed. The newly recruited committee has participated in an induction program looking at the role of the committee within Council. At this stage, the activities the committee will consider undertaking / implementing in 2021 include:

•      Advocate for the best interests of young people.

•      Organise and implement the Whitehorse Municipal Youth Forum and/or community workshops on issues pertinent to young people

•      To specifically advocate and address key issues impacting on young people and report back to Council

•      To be involved in the consultation process in the development of the next iteration the Youth Plan. 

The Youth Services Team is encouraged that the 2021 WYRC members, like their predecessors, will make an active and positive contribution to the community in Whitehorse.  The members are appreciative that Council sponsors opportunities that advance their development as young leaders in the community.

Council’s Youth Services Team, particularly the Youth Participation Officer will continue to support the 2021 WYRC and will work towards developing and implementing the Committee’s plans and aspirations.


The Whitehorse Youth Representative Committee with the assistance the Youth Services team adopt consultative processes in the planning and facilitation of activities for young people and in the investigation of issues pertinent of the lives to young people in the community.  


The cost of the activities undertaken by the WYRC is incorporated within Council’s Youth Services annual budget.


The role of the Whitehorse Youth Representative Committee is consistent with strategies contained in the Whitehorse Municipal Youth Plan 2014 - 2018. Such strategies focus on youth advocacy and leadership development. The WYRC works in collaboration with the Youth Services Team and Council as a whole to ensure the goals and actions of the Youth Plan are successfully implemented.










1        WYRC Annual Report 2020  

2        WYRC Annual Report 2019 Update      

Whitehorse City Council

Delegated Committee of Council Meeting                                                        10 May 2021


7            Other Business


8            Public Comment

Persons speaking will be identified and recorded for Council Minutes and become part of a permanent record of the Council.  Please indicate if you do not wish your name to be recorded.

NB.         Public Comment will not be available due to COVID-19 restrictions.


9            Confidential ITEMS



10          Close Meeting