The officer recommendations contained within Council agendas do not necessarily reflect the Council Resolution. To confirm Resolutions (decisions) of Council and Special Committee of Council meetings please refer to the minutes of those meetings.
Meeting DateMeetingAgendaMinutesAttachments
27 Mar 2020Extra Council View PDF(917.7KB) View PDF(780.2KB) Attachment Attachment PDF(719.1KB)
16 Mar 2020Council View PDF(98.3MB) View PDF(3.5MB) Attachment Attachment PDF(111.8MB)
10 Mar 2020Special Committee of Council View PDF(300.1KB)
24 Feb 2020Council View PDF(65.6MB) View PDF(2.1MB) Attachment
24 Feb 2020Council - Supplementary View PDF(916.3KB)
10 Feb 2020Extra Council View PDF(545.7KB) View PDF(548.5KB)
10 Feb 2020Special Committee of Council View PDF(300.2KB) View PDF(384.5KB)
28 Jan 2020Council View PDF(10.0MB) View PDF(1.3MB) Attachment Attachment PDF(7.9MB)