Special Committee of Council Meeting

To be held in the

Council Chamber

Whitehorse Civic Centre

379 Whitehorse Road Nunawading


Monday 11 November 2019

at 7:00pm

Members:         Cr Sharon Ellis (Mayor), Cr Blair Barker, Cr Bill Bennett, Cr Raylene Carr,

                            Cr Prue Cutts, Cr Andrew Davenport, Cr Tina Liu,

                            Cr Denise Massoud, Cr Andrew Munroe, Cr Ben Stennett

Mr Simon McMillan

Chief Executive Officer


Recording of Meeting and Disclaimer

Please note every Special Committee of Council Meeting (other than items deemed confidential under section 89(2) of the Local Government Act 1989) is being recorded and streamed live on Whitehorse City Council’s website in accordance with Council's Live Streaming and Recording of Meetings Policy. A copy of the policy can also be viewed on Council’s website.

The recording will be archived and made publicly available on Council's website within 48 hours after the meeting on www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au for a period of three years (or as otherwise agreed to by Council).

Live streaming allows everyone to watch and listen to the meeting in real time, giving you greater access to Council debate and decision making and encouraging openness and transparency.

All care is taken to maintain your privacy; however, as a visitor in the public gallery, your presence may be recorded. By remaining in the public gallery, it is understood your consent is given if your image is inadvertently broadcast.

Opinions expressed or statements made by individual persons during a meeting are not the opinions or statements of Whitehorse City Council. Council therefore accepts no liability for any defamatory remarks that are made during a meeting.


Whitehorse City Council

Special Committee of Council Meeting                                                   11 November 2019







To enhance the consultative process and facilitate public participation and involvement of the community in Council decision making in accordance with Council’s Corporate Plan strategies – good governance.


To facilitate public participation and involvement in meetings of the Special Committee. These Guidelines complement Council’s Meeting Procedures and Common Seal Local Law 2013.


The public has two opportunities to participate in this meeting – either by a submission which may be heard at the start of the meeting,(i.e. Public Submissions, refer below) or if the item is on the agenda, immediately prior to consideration of the item, and by Public Comment later in the meeting.  There is no public interjection during the meeting and speakers are heard in an orderly manner. 

Public Submissions:

A submission may be made on any matter, providing it is not in contravention of Council’s Meeting Procedures and Common Seal Local Law 2013.

A maximum of 10 speakers will be permitted to make a submission and they will be determined in order of registration.

No individual submission shall exceed three minutes.

Where submissions have been made, under the provisions of any statutory process, further submissions shall not be heard, unless the matter is listed as an item of business on the Special Committee of Council agenda.

Procedures for Public Submissions:

Persons wishing to make a submission to the Special Committee on matters other than land planning matters must directly notify the Committee Clerk, Civic Services Department by 4pm on the day of the meeting and register to speak, by telephoning 9262-6337. The person who registers to speak shall be the person who will make the submission to the Special Committee.

Persons wishing to make a submission to the Special Committee on any land use planning matter must directly notify the Committee Clerk, Civic Services Department, at least five working days prior to the day of the meeting and register to speak by telephoning 9262-6337.  The person who registers to speak, shall be the person who will make the submission to the Special Committee.







At the time of registering to speak, that person must indicate whether he or she will be speaking in support of or opposition to any planning permit application or Planning Scheme Amendment (or proposed planning permit application or proposed Planning Scheme Amendment).   The Special Committee must not listen to or read anything said by that person unless it is satisfied that, at least four working days before the day of the Special Committee Meeting, a member of Council staff has contacted the person(s) whose interests are inimical to the person who has registered to speak (eg has contacted the planning permit applicant if the person who has registered to speak has indicated that he or she will speak in opposition to the grant of a planning permit application) and invited the first-mentioned person (or a person authorised by him or her) to also register by 4pm on the day of the meeting to attend the Special Committee Meeting and speak.

Persons wishing to table written material must provide 15 copies to the Committee Clerk prior to the commencement of the meeting to enable distribution to Councillors prior to the start of the meeting. No material will be distributed during the meeting by any person, including Council staff.

Requests to speak will be registered strictly in the order of receipt.  Speakers for topics not listed on the Special Committee Agenda for the meeting will be heard first, then speakers who wish to cover more than one topic (3 minutes in total, not 3 minutes per topic).

In instances where a number of persons wish to address the Special Committee on the same matter, the Chairperson at his or her discretion may request they nominate a speaker/speakers to represent them.

In accordance with Clause 48.5 of Council’s Meeting Procedures and Common Seal Local Law 2013.  It is not necessary for Standing Orders to be suspended to allow a person to address the Special Committee, subject to compliance with these Guidelines.

Public Comment:

After the “Other Business” Section of the meeting has concluded, the Mayor will invite members of the gallery to indicate by show of hands if they wish to make a comment. Only matters pertaining to this evening’s meeting are to be commented on, (i.e. a Council Officer report or presentation, and any “Other Business” matters) and a 3 minute period per speaker applies.  A maximum period of 15 minutes shall be provided for public comment. The Mayor will call individuals forward to be heard and they should begin by clearly stating their name.  This is a period for comment, not questions or debate and there is no opportunity for any further Public Submissions


These guidelines were adopted by resolution of Council dated 21 August 2017 and may be further amended by resolution of Council from time to time. The Chairperson at his or her discretion may vary procedures under these Guidelines, at any meeting of the Special Committee.




Whitehorse City Council

Special Committee of Council Meeting                                                   11 November 2019


1            PRAYER


1a           Prayer for Council


We give thanks, O God, for the Men and Women of the past whose generous devotion to the common good has been the making of our City.


Grant that our own generation may build worthily on the foundations they have laid.


Direct our minds that all we plan and determine, is for the wellbeing of our City.





1b           Aboriginal Reconciliation Statement


“In the spirit of reconciliation, Whitehorse City Council acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the traditional custodians of the land we are meeting on.  We pay our respects to their Elders past and present.”



Cr Bennett has previously sought and been granted leave of absence for tonight’s Special Committee meeting 11 November 2019.




Minutes of the Special Committee of Council Meeting 14 October 2019.


That the minutes of the Special Committee of Council Meeting 14 October 2019 having been circulated now be confirmed.

5            Public Submissions

Interested parties who wish to address the Special Committee of Council during the Public Submissions period of the Special Committee Meeting must register with the Civic Services Department by telephoning 9262 6337 by 4pm on the day of the meeting.


Persons speaking will be identified and recorded for Council Minutes and become part of a permanent record of the Council.   Please indicate if you do not wish your name to be recorded.


Persons wishing to make a submission to the Special Committee on any land use planning matter must directly notify the Committee Clerk, Civic Services Department, at least five working days prior to the day of the meeting and register to speak by telephoning 9262-6337.


Whitehorse City Council

Special Committee of Council Meeting                                                                           11 November 2019


6            reports from officers

6.1         Whitehorse Business Week 2019

Introduction:    Jeff Green, General Manager City Development

Presenters:      Deborah Shambrook, Assistant Manager Investment & Economic                 Development

                        Jacqueline Sgro, Business Marketing Communications Officer

6.1.1      Whitehorse Business Week 2019




Whitehorse Business Week (WBW) 2019 was launched Thursday 8 August and concluded on Friday 16 August. 

The annual program was refreshed providing networking opportunities, an opportunity for the business community to expand their knowledge and gain information on the latest trends.

The program catered for both emerging and established businesses and managers and included collaboration via sponsorship and co - event hosting.

This report presents a summary and the outcomes of WBW 2019.



That Council:

1.    Acknowledges the success of Whitehorse Business Week 2019.


2.    Acknowledges and thanks attendees, sponsors, speakers, venues, businesses and organisers of WBW 2019.



Considered as a leading business program in the eastern region of Melbourne, the 2019 Whitehorse Business Week (WBW) was the 19th staging of this annual program. Since its establishment in 2001, WBW has now attracted more than 14,100 participants and has become well recognised as a feature on the annual program of events for business in Victoria.

The purpose of WBW is to provide local and regional businesses with the opportunity to access information and new ways to improve and grow their business, provide information on the future direction of national and international business trends and to take part in networking events.




The 19th staging of Whitehorse Business Week (WBW) saw a refreshed program consisting of six events, including collaborations with a number of organisations.

Thursday 8 August - Whitehorse Business Week Launch and Networking

Local business representatives, Councillors, and sponsors were entertained by the energetic Asanti Dance Theatre. The performance encouraged audience participation and engagement resulting in much networking occurring throughout the evening. The Mayor officially launched the new Box Hill Logo that followed with a presentation to the local resident who designed the logo. 2019 was the first year in which the event was open to members of this wider business community, it had previously been invite only.

Monday 12 August – China Insights with Tom Parker

The week commenced with the business lunch; China Insights with Tom Parker. Tom Parker, Partner of Bastion China, shared insights on the importance of WeChat, the rise of sports diplomacy and business relations with China. This business lunch was jointly run with the Australia China Business Council.

Tuesday 13 August – Mainstreet Australia Victorian Conference

The 2019 Victorian conference had a key theme of Localism and social commentator Bernard Salt and leading Placemaker Kylie Legg. Attendees were invited to a walking tour of Box Hill with the Box Hill Activity Centre Manager. With a placemaking and retail focus, the conference added a different perspective to WBW.

Wednesday 14 August – Women in Business Luncheon

The celebration commenced with stand up networking with champagne service. Emma Welsh from “Emma and Tom’s” was the keynote presenter at the luncheon and captivated the audience sharing many stories and gave attendees some great insights into how she has achieved success in business and the obstacles which Emma and Tom’s has and continue to overcome.

Thursday 15 August – Biz Day 

The inaugural staging of Biz Day had a number of offerings for small to medium size businesses. The program included small business mentoring sessions from the Small Business Mentoring Service, a single touch payroll session facilitated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and a government information expo consisting of a range of government organisations. Biz Day was created to cater for the smaller sized and less established businesses in the Whitehorse business community.

Friday 16 August– Digital Strategy and Customer Experience for Business 

The final event for WBW19, was a business lunch with keynote speaker Mark Cameron. Mark presented information relevant for small to medium sized businesses and highlighted the importance of doing one thing exceptionally well in the digital space. The lunch also included a brief sponsor presentation that acknowledged Whitehorse Business Week sponsors.



WBW 2019 was promoted widely in the lead up to the program of events. Promotional channels and platforms that were used in 2018 were reviewed to ensure best spend of the marketing dollar. 2019 marketing and promotion included:


·       Whitehorse City Council’s Investment and Economic Development Unit’s website www.wbiz.com.au

·       Promotional video from 2018 footage highlighting WBW and used on several digital platforms.

·       A series of e-bulletins sent to the Wbiz website database – over 1000 local businesses.

·       Promotion through the Victorian Government’s Business Victoria Local Events program’s social media platforms.

·       Radio advertising on 89.9 Light FM.

·       A series of paid Facebook advertisements on Whitehorse Business Page.

·       Promotion through business groups in conjunction with contra sponsorship (Whitehorse Business Group, Working Mumma, and LightFM).


·       Front cover and double-page spread in the Down to Business newsletter, 2nd edition 2019 - distributed to over 4000 businesses in Whitehorse.

·       2 x Media Releases distributed to local news outlets.

·       Double page feature spread in the August edition of the Whitehorse News, editorials in the June and July editions, distributed to 60 000 households in the City of Whitehorse.

·       Program distribution to Council customer service centres.

·       Program distribution to special rates shopping centres.

Additional Promotion

·       Collaboration with Manningham City Council as their Women in Business Event was at a similar time. Special ticket offers were created to include both of the events and allowed for greater cross promotion with competitors in collaboration.





Thursday 8 August

Whitehorse Business Week Launch and Networking Event


Monday 12 August

China Insights with Tom Parker (Australia China Business Council)


Tuesday 13 August

Localism. Mainstreet Australia Victorian Conference


Wednesday 14 August

Women in Business Luncheon


Thursday 15 August

Biz Day 2019

·          Single Touch Payroll (ATO)

·          Small Business Mentoring (one-on-one)

·          Government information Expo




Friday 16 August

Digital Strategy and Customer Experience for your Business






Registration Source

At the conclusion of the registration process, attendees were prompted with the question, “How did you hear about the event?”

In relation to single source platforms, the WBIZ website was the most selected promotional platform with Down to Business, Whitehorse Leader and Whitehorse News and Whitehorse Business Facebook selected on a similar number of occasions.

The “other” category was the most selected overall category and included responses such as sponsor guests, word of mouth, Small Business Victoria and Whitehorse staff.











NB: Information displayed represents events where Whitehorse took bookings


The 2019 sponsorship offering evolved from previous years. Feedback from former years indicated that networking was a priority for sponsors. Therefore facilitated networking was introduced as an element of the sponsorship opportunities available to premium sponsors.

Sponsor logos were placed onto a WBW sponsor banners to increase consistency at events and reduce the OH & S risks regarding the transportation of individual sponsor banners.


Future Considerations

Some items to be considered for forward planning include:

·       Review the format of WBW to ensure that it allows for business representatives to attend.

·       Continue to offer events/workshops/seminars that cater for all different stages of business

·       Continue to build partnerships and encourage a larger involvement from businesses, including opportunities to partner with key stakeholders in hosting events.

·       Continue to review promotional channels to ensure best spend of marketing dollar.

·       Continue to discuss with regional council’s about conducting collaborative regional events.



The high profile nature of Whitehorse Business Week provides opportunities for businesses to align with the program of events in a sponsorship capacity.

Sponsorship packages available this year were:

·       Premium                                                                        $2500 ex GST

·       Support                                                                         $500 ex GST           

Premium Sponsors

Support Sponsors

Art Series -The Chen

Australia China Business Council

Australian Tax Office

Box Hill Golf Club

Deakin Business School

Light FM

Mainstreet Australia

Quest Burwood East

Saward Dawson Chartered Accountants

Small Business Victoria through Local Events

Aqualink Leisure Centres

Crown Coaches


Robinson Gill Lawyers

Whitehorse Business Group

Whitehorse Centre

Working Mumma


Sponsorship Summary

Cash Sponsorship


In- Kind Sponsorship


Small Business Victoria Local Events - Funding


Sponsorship Total


Cash sponsorship contributed to 51% of the total sponsorship value.

Tailored sponsorship packages were taken up by several sponsors, offering use of their goods and services as ‘in-kind’ support to assist in the overall delivery of WBW. Examples include:

·       Working Mumma (new sponsor), in-kind sponsorship included the promotion and live content creation through Instagram and LinkedIn platforms.

·       Australian China Business Council, in-kind sponsorship arrangement event host/ partnership, marketing of events and provision of speaker.

·       Light FM, a tailored in-kind sponsorship package including a series of 30 second radio advertisements that were broadcast in the lead up to the program. Additional tickets were negotiated for promotion through digital marketing platforms to increase exposure and reach of the program. 

·       Quest Burwood East’s support sponsorship was elevated to premium sponsorship level due to the use of their facility for the Whitehorse Business Week Launch and Networking Event.

Whitehorse City Council received funding from the Victorian Government’s Local Events program that contributed towards Whitehorse Business Week. As a result WBW gained additional and broader promotion via the Local Events Facebook page in addition to the Women in Business Luncheon featuring in their electronic newsletter for July.

Budget Summary (ex GST)





Total Income*




Total Expenditure








* Total income excludes in-kind sponsorship figures.

The total income in 2019 decreased due to a greater amount of sponsors electing to contribute via in-kind sponsorship arrangements. In-turn, this resulted in a reduction in the total expenditure as the goods and services of the sponsor were utilised (i.e.: marketing/ promotion and catering discounts).

Both the China Insights lunch and Mainstreet Conference did not result in any ticketing income for Whitehorse as it was retained by the partnering organisations. These events were both fabulous opportunities to strengthen relationships with these organisations and showcase Whitehorse as a municipality. Mainstreet Conference was a once off opportunity for Whitehorse and allowed for over 200 attendees to experience the region.

The review of marketing and promotional channels in addition to collaboration with other organisations and entities contributed to the reduced expenditure and therefore increase in overall profit.

It is envisaged that the funds resulting from Whitehorse Business Week will be used to secure a high caliber of keynote speakers for future events.


The Whitehorse Economic Development Strategy (EDS) 2014-2019 expands on the City of Whitehorse Council Plan 2017-2021 and in particular, Strategic Objective 5: “Support a Healthy Local Economy”.


EDS 2014-2019 states core areas of activity that Council has a clear mandate to act within to facilitate economic opportunities and advocate for local business communities to ensure positive economic development outcomes. These four areas include:

·       Helping business grow and prosper;

·       Responsible leadership and advocacy;

·       Facilitating connections;

·       Promoting sustainable development.

WBW is designed to act on these areas and in turn make a contribution to the economic sustainability and employment growth within the City of Whitehorse.

WBW Key Objectives:

·       Provide key information to assist business growth and investment;

·       To build on Council’s database of local businesses;

·       Provide access to current knowledge and business trends through a high calibre of speakers and events;

·       Provide access to services for more personalised business and investment information;

·       To connect businesses through networking opportunities.


The benefits of WBW to the business community continue to be significant. Sponsors of WBW are promoted throughout scheduled advertising and have the opportunity to facilitate connections with businesses and representatives.

WBW offers an avenue for businesses to grow through the access to business information and an opportunity to expand knowledge for local businesses to grow and prosper.

WBW assists to raise the profile and services of Council’s Investment and Economic Development (I & ED) Unit and further builds on partnerships and working relationships between Council, government organisations/ departments and the business community.

Attendees have the opportunity to connect with Council’s I & ED staff and learn more about the support and services available, discuss matters of interest, express any concerns and provide feedback.



2019 Sponsorship Summary

Sponsorship (Cash)  Note – amount not including GST





Art Series – The Chen



Australian Taxation Office



Deakin Business School



Quest Burwood East



Saward Dawson Chartered Accountants



Small Business Victoria Local Events



Crown Coaches






Robinson Gill Lawyers



Whitehorse Business Group






Sponsorship (In kind)


Company and In-Kind details

$ Amount


Australia China Business Council- event host/ partnership, marketing and provision of speaker



Box Hill Golf Club- discounted catering cost



89.9 LightFM- 10 sec advertisements



Mainstreet Australia – event partnership, marketing and provision of speaker



Quest Burwood East – use of venue for event



Aqualink Leisure Centres – 5 x Multipass Swim vouchers and 1 x 12mth total fitness membership



Whitehorse Centre-  theatre subscription package voucher



Working Mumma – promotion and marketing of Whitehorse Business Week , in particular Women in Business











7            Reports 

8            Other Business


9            Public Comment

Persons speaking will be identified and recorded for Council Minutes and become part of a permanent record of the Council.  Please indicate if you do not wish your name to be recorded.

10          Confidential ITEMS



11          Close Meeting